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Currently, at the time of writing, it is the middle of SEPTEMBER 2020, dive boats are now running to the reef, some only operate on weekends and some 3 days per week. Please contact us to find out which boats are running. Liveaboard dive trips are also available if you are interested in a liveaboard please watch our latest video - "How to choose a liveaboard on the Great Barrier Reef".

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Cairns Dive Adventures is operated by the Cairns Tour Advice & Booking Centre. A dedicated team of local divers, passionate about the reef and ensuring you have the best possible time on your holiday! We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have with your Great Barrier Reef tour information.

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Can't decide? We have personally been on every Cairns reef and diving trip. We can help you choose the best tour, to suit your experience and budget.


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Green Coral with Schooling Reef Fish

Silverswift Dive Trip Review!

We called it golden week. A bunch of weather with just 5 knots of wind, light sea breeze, and no rain. Just blue skies and sunshine with no clouds what so ever! Sometimes the weather just takes a break and for us here at Cairns Dive Adventures it is our time to dive! Today we…
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Sweetlip Reef Fish

Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel Trip Review Cairns

Dreamtime Dive and Snorkel is a brand-new reef day tour that departs from the Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal with a twist. The boat itself is brand new and perfectly laid out as a dive and snorkel vessel. Very easy to get in and out of the water with many levels to relax and enjoy the…
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Giant Malabar Cod and Scuba Diver

Silversonic Dive Trip Review

Being the middle of JUNE normally the weather should be bold blue skies, sunshine and light sea breezes. Unfortunately, this was not the case the day we choose to dive on Silversonic Dive and Snorkel who operate from Port Douglas, the weather was terrible. Surface conditions where rough, the wind was pushing 25 knots, it…
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Greywhaler Reef Sharks at North Horn Dive Site Osprey Reef

Spirit Of Freedom Coral Sea & Bougainville Reef Trip Review

This truly is some of the very best scuba diving in Australia. The 4-Day/4-Night liveaboard dive trip with Spirit of Freedom is just spectacular. The sun gods prevailed and we were blessed with 5/10 knots of wind with blue skies and sunshine! Its dive time! The Coral Sea & Bougainville Reef offers spectacular diving.
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Anemone-fish swimming in Anemone

3-Dives in a Day! Silverswift Trip Review

Fantastic full day diving on the Great Barrier Reef. The ultimate trip for those that want to see as much of the Great Barrier Reef as you can in one day! The only boat in Cairns to visit 3 sites.
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Macro Photography at Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island Day Trip Review

Great destination for in and out of water experiences. Dive and snorkel tour options available on the island. Hike and swim. Turtle rehabilitation centre.
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Cairns Underwater Camera Hire Service

Spend over $550.00 AUD on your Great Barrier Reef tour with us and receive the latest Digital Underwater Camera Hire. Take amazing High-Resolution images and 1080 HD Video.

Not available for any tours to the Islands as fine white sand damages the seals on the cameras and makes them leak!

You need to come into our shop located on the Cairns Esplanade the day before departure to pick up the camera before 5:30 pm. You also need to supply your own SD Camera Card and drop the camera off back at our shop before 6:00pm.