2 Day 1 Night Liveaboard Cairns

Find a 2 day 1 night liveaboard, Cairns. With 5 main liveaboard dive companies operating from Cairns this guide will help you to choose a liveaboard perfectly suited to your needs.

There are 5 different areas to join an overnight liveaboard dive trip from Cairns. The most popular area is called Norman, Saxon and Hastings Reefs. Liveaboards that visit these reefs are Reef Encounter, a large two-story boat that offers very comfortable private double bed and twin bed staterooms all with private bathrooms.  They also have a cheaper multi-share room (3-beds in the one room). This liveaboard is suited to certified divers looking for comfortable accommodation, really good meals, and a really great dive crew. They are in fact ranked number on Trip Advisor.

Kangaroo Explorer Cairns Liveaboard

Kangaroo Explorer Cairns Liveaboard

Ocean Quest Liveaboard

Ocean Quest Liveaboard

Reef Encounter Liveaboard Dive Boat from Cairns

Reef Encounter

Ocean Quest is the other large liveaboard that visits Norman, Saxon and Hastings Reef Systems. This liveaboard also caters to certified divers, introductory scuba divers and they have a student learn to dive operation where people wanting to finish off there open water learn to dive course would also join this vessel. Ocean Quest has clean comfortable private Double Bed Rooms, TWIN Bed Rooms (2 x beds in the one room) all have private ensuite bathrooms. If you are a PADI open water diver you can also complete your Advanced Open Water dive certification on this trip.

Kangaroo Explorer is another liveaboard that visits Norman, Saxon and Hastings Reefs for a 2 day 1 night liveaboard from Cairns. This boat is also comfortable and caters more to the backpacker, budget traveler. With simple but clean comfortable room options this is one of the cheapest liveaboard dive boats from Cairns.

Schooling Yellow tail fish and scuba diver.

School of Yellow Tail Fish

Scuba Diver entering water from Mike Ball Dive Expeditions.

Giant Stride Entry

Scuba Diver encounters Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle Encounter

Another area of interest for liveaboard diving from Cairns is Flynn, Milne and Pellowe reef systems. These reefs are in fact located much further offshore past Norman Saxon and Hastings reefs. They do offer spectacular diving. There are two companies that offer 2 day 1 night liveaboard, to this area. Pro-Dive Cairns visit these reefs but only offer a 3-Day/2-Night liveaboard. They do not operate the 2 day 1 night option. But another smaller single hull sailing boat offers 2 day 1 night liveaboard trips to this area it is called Coral Sea Dreaming. Coral Sea Dreaming offers divers a small, personalized dive trip with a maximum of just 12 passengers. A 52-foot steel yacht offers intermit personalised dive travel. The diving is beautiful visiting dive sites like Three Sisters, Little Tracey, the Whale and many more.

Companies that do not offer 2 day 1 night liveaboard, Cairns.

Spirit of Freedom, this company only visits the Ribbon Reefs and Cod Hole. Departing Cairns on Mondays and returning to Cairns on Thursdays. Spirit of Freedom also offers a 5-day liveaboard expedition to the area know as Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea. It is at Osprey Reef divers can experience the North Horn Shark Dive.

Giant Potato Cod at the Cod Hole

Giant Potato Cod

The North Horn Shark Dive

North Horn Shark Dive

Spirit of Freedom Liveaboard dive boat

Spirit of Freedom Liveaboard

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, this liveaboard operator also does not provide 2 day 1 night liveaboard it experiences. Similar to Spirit of Freedom, Mike Ball also visit the Ribbon Reefs and Cod Hole. Also departing on Mondays and returning on Thursdays. Mike Ball also offer the 7-day Cod Hole and Coral Sea Dive Expedition to Osprey Reef departing on Thursdays and returning to Cairns on Thursdays.



Cairns Dive Adventures is independently owned and operated. We are not affiliated with any tour operator and offer independent dive travel advice and tour booking based on our own diving experiences. If you would like to book a 2 day 1 night liveaboard, Cairns please contact our reservation staff at PH: 07 40411 638 or send us an email - reservations@cairnsdiveadventures.com.





Ocean Quest Liveaboard Dive Boat Cairns Australia

Deep Sea Divers Den – Liveaboard

Liveaboard dive / snorkel trips that depart Cairns daily. Can be booked in 2-3-4 day options. Maximum of 30 overnight guests. Includes all meals and accommodation.
Pro Dive Cairns liveaboard scuba dive vessel - ScubaPro

Pro Dive – Liveaboard 3-Day/2-Night

Watch the sun set and wake up on the Great Barrier Reef on this 3 day / 2 night trip from Cairns. Suitable for divers and snorkellers. Twin share and double cabins. Includes meals and accommodation.
Coral Sea Dreaming Boat

Coral Sea Dreaming Liveaboard

Low number, overnight sailing adventures from Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef for divers and snorkelers. Max 12 guests. 3 Crew.
Reef Encounter Dive Boat

Reef Encounter – Liveaboard Dive Trips

Reef Encounter offers 2-3-4 day trips from Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef. Suitable for snorkelers and divers: options for all budgets and itineraries.

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