Cairns Minke Whale Dive Tours 2012

The Dwarf Minke Whales are heading north again. For a once in a lifetime opportunity to dive and snorkel with the Dwarf Minke Whales, we recommend booking now! There’s only 10 departure dates from Cairns (in June and July) and places are filling fast, with some already booked out! Don’t miss out, come play with the Dwarf Minke Whales on the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns Dwarf Minke Whale Dive Expeditions offer a 98% success rate of seeing and being in the water with the whales. Close encounters are banned in many other countries, which means this is a unique opportunity to spend some time with these gentle giants.

Expeditions depart Cairns on Mondays and Thursdays and can be booked in 3, 4 or 7 day trips. The tours take you north to the pristine Great Barrier Reef Ribbon Reefs. Diving conditions are excellent here, with many world renowned sites including the Cod Hole, Steve’s Bommie and Challenger Bay.

Cairns Great Barrier Reef Dwarf Minke Whale Expeditions started operating in 1996. To date, the largest pod seen had 28 whales and the longest encounter was 10 hours. The tours are conducted in accordance with strict guidelines, to protect the Dwarf Minke Whales in their natural environment.

Dwarf Minke Whales are relatively small (in the world of whales) with adults measuring around 5m and weighing in at 5-6 tonnes. Generally cruising underwater at around 20-40m, Dwarf Minke Whales surface to breathe and this is when most encounters occur.

Usually found in pods, Dwarf Minke Whales are inquisitive by nature, often approaching boats, snorkelers and divers, sometimes coming within a few metres of people.

There is a high possibility of seeing these magnificent creatures on every day of your Cairns Dwarf Minke Whale Expedition and day 2 of each trip is dedicated to locating, snorkelling and diving with the whales.

With over 15 year’s experience running these Cairns Great Barrier Reef Dwarf Minke Whale Expeditions, your guides know where the whales will be found. In the unlikely event they are not in their usual locations, up to two hours each session will be spent trying to find them.

Each of the 3, 4 and 7 day Cairns Great Barrier Reef Dwarf Minke Whale Dive Expeditions are dedicated to providing snorkelers and divers with maximum whale time. When not with the whales, you can explore the diverse marine life and excellent conditions of the Great Barrier Reef’s Ribbon Reefs, home to giant Potato Cod, Queensland Groupers, Reef Sharks, Marine Turtles, Giant Clams, Sweetlips, Coral Trout, Lionfish, Butterflyfish and many, many other marine creatures.

Accommodation options range from budget (twin bunk) to premium ocean view cabins. Your vessel is Australia’s most awarded liveaboard dive boat, custom designed to provide maximum comfort and stability. The 3 and 4 night trips include a low-level scenic flight to / from Cairns to Lizard Island, while the 7 day trips motor in and out from Cairns to the Ribbon Reefs.

The 3 night trips allow for up to 11 certified dives and snorkelling, the 4 day trip offers between 11-13 dives and snorkelling while the 7 night trip has unlimited diving and snorkelling.

Cairns Great Barrier Reef Dwarf Minke Whale Expeditions start at $1,598 for a three night trip, including accommodation, meals, snorkelling and diving with whales. A complete schedule of 2012 departure dates and prices is below for your easy reference: some dates are already booked out, so get in fast to secure your place on one of these exclusive trips!

Cairns Minke Whale Expeditions 2012: Departure Dates

Tour Description Departs Returns
4 Night & 7 Night Trips Thurs 7 June Mon 11 June
3 Night Trip Mon 11 June Thurs 14 June
4 Nights & 7 Night Trips Thurs 14 June Mon 18 June
3 Night Trip Mon 18 June Thurs 21 June
4 Nights & 7 Night Trips Thurs 21 June Mon 25 June
3 Night Trip Mon 25 June Thurs 28 June
4 Nights & 7 Night Trips Thurs 28 June Mon 2 July
3 Night Trip Mon 2 July Thurs 5 July
4 Nights & 7 Night Trips Thurs 5 July Mon 9 July
3 Night Trip Mon 9 July Thurs 12 July

For more information please contact Cairns Dive Adventures on phone +61 7 5641 0112 or



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