Cairns Scuba Diving News update APRIL 2017

Cyclone Debbie has passed, fortunately, Cairns received no effect from this cyclone at all. Apart from very hot humid weather conditions. It is business as usual on the Great Barrier Reef with blue skies and sunshine, great diving conditions, the pool is open.

Wind & Diving Conditions:

With 5-10 knots for the last 14 days’ ocean conditions have been very calm. Visibility is at around 10-12 meters varying up to 14 meters in deeper offshore reefs.

Reef Encounters:

A little birdy told us just under 1 week ago, a large 3-meter hammerhead shark was spotted on a night dive from one of the Cairns liveaboards. There was great excitement from the divers lucky enough to see it. Apparently, it buzzed by at cruising speed, it made an appearance and then disappeared off into the deep. Norman Reef the birdy tweeted.

Boats & Things:

The World famous Mike Ball dive expeditions have re-entered the water with a complete refit of their beautiful liveaboard dive vessel Spoilsport, famous for its coral sea dive expeditions. Spoilsport spent 4 weeks in the dry dock being painted, cleaned and refurbished. The boat re-appeared with a brand-new paint job and 2 brand new engines! Read all about it in the latest edition of dive log magazine (pg. 22)

For the coming year, ahead Mike Ball are offering some unique diving opportunities with their Shark shooter photo workshops, a special Nautilus viewing expedition and what they call the Turtle Spectacular at Raine Island Expedition. Send us an email to find out more –

New Dive Training Centre:

The Quicksilver group of companies have announced they are building a brand-new dive training facility in Port Douglas. Called the Quicksilver Dive Centre, it will be located next to the Reef Marina in Port Douglas. With no further news announced we are guessing they will complete pool and theory training at the centre and then finish the open water dive component from one of their day boats like Silversonic or Poseidon Dive & Snorkel. Looking at this model they would be offering a PADI 4-day learn to dive course.

Coral Bleaching News April 2017:

Coral bleaching, predominantly confined to the Far Northern sector of the Great Barrier Reef. Raised its ugly head again last month, this time around spreading much further down towards the Whitsundays Islands and surrounds.

In the nine months since the first coral bleaching event in 2016. Reef operators have witnessed the robustness and resilience of the coral communities in both the Cairns and Port Douglas regions, including the annual coral spawning event during the month of November 2016.

Earlier this month a controversial documentary style short film was produced. Abruptly named (Dead? Dying? or Distorted Truth?) It shows a positive side of the Great Barrier Reef and its resilience to global pressures and the ever changing environment. Produced by local filmmaker Stuart Island from Calypso productions and local Cairns marine biologist Gareth Phillips from Reef Teach Cairns. This short film is helping to show the more positive side of the reef’s current and future health condition. Offering an educational view of what is coral bleaching, this video shows the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef that both Stuart and Gareth have witnessed firsthand. Find the video on Facebook or watch it here on Vimeo.

[su_note note_color=”#d2edfa”] The Great Barrier Reef is so very large with many beautiful parts to dive and snorkel. If you are looking for a dive holiday please get in touch with our dive crazy reservation team – PH: +61 7 40411638 or Email – [/su_note]



Clint is an avid scuba diver who also manages Cairns Dive Adventures. With 686 scuba dives on the Great Barrier Reef from both Cairns and Port Douglas in Australia, Clint's favorite dive site is the corner shop dive site at Bougainville Reef located in the Coral Sea. He also loves taking Underwater Photos and producing short underwater films on Youtube. Follow him on Instagram and also on Youtube

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