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Ken Spence | Tusa and Silverswift

Created by Julie under Customers Photos and Feedback on Thursday 7th of February 2013

Ken recently did two day diving trips to the Great Barrier Reef, one with Tusa Dive and another with Silverswift. Ken particularly enjoyed his day with Tusa Dive, thanks to the friendly crew and great dive sites. Ken used his own camera to get these pictures and we thank you for sharing Ken!

We’re pleased to hear you enjoyed your trips and look forward to seeing you out on the Great Barrier Reef again some time soon. Thanks for booking with Cairns Dive Adventures.

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One Response to “Ken Spence | Tusa and Silverswift”

  1. Ken says:

    Hey guys thank you so much for the effort and running around you did to get Carl and I out on Tusa and Silver Swift after the less than favourable weather circumstances following the cyclone that passed through. We had a great time on both boats but would definitely recommend Tusa T6 and their crew over Silver Swift. Silver swift has an awesome boat and in general their crew is great but the dive leader we had was not the best, luck of the draw i suppose he may have had a bad day after all he was working Australia day. Tusa on the other hand was one of the best day trip companies I have been out with. They have an awesome boat the T6 which has plenty of room and a wonderful crew who all make you feel so at home and boost your experience on the whole trip. Carl and I were doing unguided dives on Tusa and the crew well informed us of the dive sites, also they let us get onto the dive site first before the big groups got in the water. I would recommend Tusa as a great option for other people looking for a memorable day out of Great Barrier Reef. Thanks again Arwen and Richard for all the work you did for us I will definitely be coming back.

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