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Wet Rez Cameras – Underwater Camera Review

Created by Julie under on Sunday 16th of January 2011

Photographs of the Great Barrier Reef, offer a glimpse into this amazing underwater world. You will have seen many yourself, they are what draws hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to visit and swim amongst its many fish and corals. Wet Rez Underwater Camera Hire in Cairns, will allow you to get your own personal mementos of your visit and is a ‘must do’ on any trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

Sure, you will be able to tell your friends and family about the amazing time you had. The fish you saw, the brightly coloured corals, the sea stars, anemone, cucumbers, turtles and sharks, but better still, show them your photos of it. Capture your memories of the Great Barrier Reef and put yourself in the picture, snorkeling, diving and exploring this natural paradise.

Wet Rez Cameras specialize in Cairns underwater camera hire and sales. Cameras and packages are available for day trips, liveboard tours, snorkeler and divers. Why rent, when you can buy a disposable underwater camera?

Disposal underwater cameras use film, only allow you to capture up to 27 photos and you manually have to wind each frame. You can’t check what you have taken and you don’t know if ‘you’ve got the shot’ until you get back to land and have your photos developed.

Renting a Wet Rez digital underwater camera with LCD screen allows you to take as many pictures as you like (up to 500!), check them while you are there and only print the ones you want.

The digital underwater cameras are easy to use, for people of all photographic abilities, and have built in flash, zoom lens and autofocus. Ranging from 10 to 12 mega pixels, the Wet Rez digital underwater hire cameras can macro up to 1cm and can even take underwater movies.

Ensuring you get the very best pictures of your Great Barrier Reef trip, the team at Wet Rez includes a free underwater photography lesson with each of their hire packages and can even edit your pictures to get the best colours and result.

Cairns underwater digital camera hire packages are available for 1 day, 2 days and 3 + days for liveaboard passengers. Standard inclusions are tuition on using the camera, gigabyte memory upgrade (size varies on hire duration) and free download to CD / DVD – they’ll even include some bonus reef pictures, complementing your own collection.

THE VERDICT: Hiring a Cairns underwater camera for your trip to the Great Barrier Reef is highly recommended! Create holiday memories to last a lifetime and share your personal experiences on the reef with family and friends, who will be so impressed with your new, photographic abilities. I had never used a digital underwater camera before my last trip, and I took each of the pictures you see on this page with a Wet Rez Canon Powershot A650i, not bad for a first timer. At $45 for a one day hire it is very affordable and ensures you will get the best pictures of your trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

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Cairns underwater hire cameras can get great close-ups Cairns Great Barrier Reef Fish underwater digital camera hire - Cairns - Wet Rez A little clam - Cairns, Great Barrier Reef Parrotfish graze on shallow coral gardens at Moore Reef, Cairns Reef sharks at Moore Reef - Cairns Parrotfish on Cairns Great Barrier Reef Corals on Moore Reef, Cairns Great Barrier Reef Capture colourful corals with your digital underwater camera Scissor-tail Sergaent Fish - Great Barrier Reef Clown Fish on the Great Barrier Reef Angelfish on Moore Reef, the Great Barrier Reef Butterfly fish on Moore Reef, the Great Barrier Reef Great Barrier Reef plate coral and fish at Moore Reef Get photos of Great Barrier Reef fish with an underwater camera Cairns digital underwater camera hire for divers Cairns Digital Underwater Camera Hire for snorkellers Cairns Underwater Camera Hire - Wet Rez Cameras

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