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Dwarf Minke Whale Trips

Created by Richard under Cairns Diving News on Wednesday 6th of July 2016 Cairns Dwarf Minke Whale Trips

Exclusive liveaboard dive trips to see Dwarf Minke Whales depart Cairns in June and July 2016. These trips take you up to the Ribbon Reefs, in the Far Northern sector of the Great Barrier Reef, providing an amazing opportunity to see and spend time in the water with these gentle ‘giants’ of the deep.

The Dwarf Minke Whales migrate to these far northern waters each year, between March to October.

Three Cairns liveaboard dive operators operate Dwarf Minke Whale trips, with departures in June and July. Although sightings and encounters cannot be guaranteed, it is a ‘wild encounter’ after all, there is a very high probability of seeing them during this peak period.

Indeed, the 2016 Dwarf Minke Whale season has proved to be excellent, with numerous sightings and encounters.

So, what’s a Dwarf Minke Whale? It’s a relatively small whale, usually growing up to about 6m in length as an adult. Generally seen in around 20-40m of water, the Dwarf Minke Whales often come up to the surface to breathe and are incredibly inquisitive, checking out boats and any people that might be in the water.

Australia is one of the few places on earth where you can swim and snorkel with the Minkes, providing you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a real ‘wild encounter’.

Dwarf Minke Whale trips can only be booked as a liveaboard trip, this is due to the distance of travel to and from Cairns. The plus side of this, is you get to see and enjoy more time diving and exploring on the Great Barrier Reef.

Added bonus, anyone who books a Dwarf Minke Whale trip with Cairns Dive Adventures receives a free underwater camera rental for their trip. Which means you’ll be able to capture some amazing in-water shots of the Minkes.

There’s limited availability for the Dwarf Minke Whale trips departing Cairns this month. For more information, visit our Dwarf Minke Whale liveaboard dive page or contact us direct on (07) 4041 1638.

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