With over 638 dives on the Great Barrier Reef, all reviews are written by the Cairns Dive Adventures team. We are passionate about the Great Barrier Reef, we write each review not as a travel story but as an accurate account of how your day will play out. The below reviews are created with the same cameras we use for our free underwater camera rental service. For tips, suggestions, and dive boat recommendations please get in touch with our dive crazy reservation team by:
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Hawkesbill Turtle at Saxon Reef off Cairns

Tusa Dive – February Day Dive Review

Tusa Dive is a very professional day tour operator which is committed to teaching its guests about the Great Barrier Reef and some of the interesting creatures that call it home. T5 is a stylish, comfortable, fast and well-appointed vessel, equipped with modern, well maintained snorkel and dive equipment. The friendly crew look after all the ‘details’, including helping you to put on and take off your fins in the water! This trip is excellent for snorkelers, introductory and certified divers and is good value for money.

Coral, Moore Reef, Cairns Great Barrier Reef

Reef Magic Cruises Snorkeling Review

Snorkelling conditions at the Reef Magic Cruises Marine World pontoon are excellent. Permanently moored about 60km offshore at Moore Reef, the pontoon is adjacent to some fabulous coral gardens that plateau literally just metres under the surface. Its distance from Cairns means that visibility is rarely affected by coastal conditions. A lowered platform provides comfortable…

Wally giant Maori Wrasse - Reef Magic Cruises, Moore Reef

Reef Magic Cruises – January Review

Reef Magic Cruises and the Marine World pontoon offer guests an action packed day exploring the Great Barrier Reef with a variety of activities available. The sheltered coral gardens offer excellent snorkeling, with vibrant colours and diverse marine life. Wally the Maori Wrasse is definitely a highlight of everyone’s day! This trip is excellent for families with younger children, older visitors and people wanting to do more than swim, snorkel and dive

Cairns digital underwater camera hire for divers

Wet Rez Cameras – Underwater Camera Review

Photographs of the Great Barrier Reef, offer a glimpse into this amazing underwater world. You will have seen many yourself, they are what draws hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to visit and swim amongst its many fish and corals. Wet Rez Underwater Camera Hire in Cairns, will allow you to get…

MV Kangaroo Explorer - Cairns Dive Centre

Cairns Dive Centre – 4 Day Liveaboard Learn to Dive

I found the dive course fun and educational. The level of professionalism and tuition was beyond my expectations. The training facilities were clean and well setup. The diving was excellent and the dive sites must be world class.

The MV Kangaroo Explorer is ideally suited as a dive boat and the accommodation was comfortable. The food onboard was great and satisfying for hungry divers.

I would not hesitate to recommend Cairns Dive Centre’s 4 Day SSI Learn to Dive Open Water Course to anybody who wants to learn to scuba dive on Cairns’ Great Barrier Reef. Excellent value for money.

Learn to Dive Cairns - SSI Cairns Dive Centre

Cairns Dive Centre – 4 Day Liveaboard Learn to Dive – Pool + Classroom Training

Arriving on the first day I was greeted by the friendly, professional staff and introduced to our SSI dive instructor, Dan Morrissey. Cairns Dive Centre starts its SSI Learn to Dive Open Water courses every day and after I was introduced to the two other keen students and completed our preliminary paperwork, we were transferred to the Cairns Dive Centre training facility on Sheridan Street.

Cairns Great Barrier Liveaboard Dive Review: Milln Reef

Cairns Dive Centre – December Liveaboard Diving Review

This trip exceeded my expectations. The dive sites were excellent and varied. The large crew was friendly and professional. MV Kangaroo Explorer had comfortable cabins, a spacious dive deck and comfortable top deck. The daily dive schedule provided ample time to explore the Great Barrier Reef and relax onboard. As a bonus, the weather was brilliant: glassy seas, blue skies, clear, warm waters with 15-20m viability at Milln Reef


Cairns Dive Medicals – What’s Involved

After completing an introductory scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef with Passions of Paradise, I was hooked! Time to take it to the next step and become a certified diver. To participate in a learn to dive course, you must first pass a Dive Medical test. This is a legal requirement in Australia and…

Michaelmas Cay dive trips and reviews

Passions of Paradise – December Diving Review

December in Cairns can be hot and stormy, but out on the Great Barrier Reef with Passions of Paradise, its picture perfect with excellent visibility, friendly crew and experienced dive masters. A great day out – enjoyed by all on board.

Introductory diving on the Great Barrier Reef with Passions of Paradise sail trip

Passions of Paradise – Introductory Diving Review

As soon as I hit the water and started breathing underwater I knew this was one of the most exiting experiences of my life, the world around you changes into a silent sea of bubbles, you feel like you have been detached from the world above. Breathing was actually easier in scuba gear than snorkelling. I hung onto a rope connected to the two hulls of the boat, it was here the dive instructor made sure we knew how to clear our mask and regulator if they filled with water or came off, we then sank one meter down to a second rope where we just seemed to hang in suspended animation, above us we could see all the snorkelers thrashing and kicking around but down here the ocean was very different.

Glass Bottom Boat - Great Barrier Reef

Ocean Freedom – Rainy Day Snorkel Tour Review

Who said snorkelling the reef on a rainy day was a bad idea? ~ Yesterday we enjoyed a fantastic day tour aboard Ocean Freedom, despite the grey skies and patchy rain. Boarding the boat we were greeted by friendly staff, serving tea, coffee, fruit and pastries. When we arrived at Opulo Reef, the skies were still grey and some light drizzle made the glass bottom boat tour a little “wetter” than expected, but did not affect the visibility. Entering the water with fins, snorkel and mask we were amazed at the colours and type of coral.




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