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Reef Magic – Marine World

Full Day | Operates: Daily | Departs: 9am | Transfers available: Yes, extra

Reef Magic Cruises provides one of Cairns’ most unique snorkelling and diving (for more information on these activities, please see below tabs) day tour operations to the Great Barrier Reef, thanks to its Marine World activity platform. Reef Magic Cruises and Marine World have both received Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation through Ecotourism Australia, meaning they are committed to providing sustainable snorkelling and diving experiences on the Great Barrier Reef, with education and interpretation.

Departing Cairns at 9am, Reef Magic Cruises provides guests with five hours of reef time. Transfers to and from the reef are completed on board the comfortable 30m Reef Magic Cruises II catamaran. The multi-level vessel has air-conditioned interior and exterior sundeck.

The Marine World activity platform is approximately 45km offshore at a private Outer Great Barrier Reef destination. Permanently moored near a sheltered coral lagoon, Marine World offers guests the chance to participate in a range of activities (some included, some charged extra) including: marine biology presentation; semi-submersible tours; glass bottom boat tours; fish feeding; underwater observatory; scuba diving; helmet diving; scenic helicopter flights; sea-bob jet scooters and massage. Guest amenities include sheltered seating; sun deck with sun lounges; freshwater showers; change rooms.

Morning and afternoon tea is served onboard the Reef Magic Cruises catamaran, with a delicious hot and cold buffet lunch served on the Marine World platform. Drinks are available for sale from the licensed bar. A highlight visiting Marine World is seeing Wally, the large blue Maori Wrasse (Fish).

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Reef Magic Outer Reef Scuba Diving

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Rate Option # Dives Price Taxes Total
Day Cruise + Snorkeling (Adult) Snorkeling - $239.00 - $239.00
Day Cruise + Snorkeling (Child) Snorkeling - $119.00 - $119.00
Day Cruise + Snorkeling (Family) Snorkeling - $597.00 - $597.00
Day Cruise + Cert Diving (1 Dives) Certified Diving 1 $318.00 - $318.00
Day Cruise + Cert Diving (2 Dives) Certified Diving 2 $318.00 - $318.00
Day Cruise + Cert Diving (3 Dives) Certified Diving 3 $367.00 - $367.00
Day Cruise + Introductory Diving (1 Dive) Introductory Diving 1 $368.00 - $368.00
Day Cruise + Introductory Diving (2 Dives) Introductory Diving 2 $447.00 - $447.00
Day Cruise + Helmet Diving Helmet Diving 1 $368.00 - $368.00
Day Cruise + 10-Minute Helicopter Flight Snorkeling - $368.00 - $368.00
Day Cruise + 10-Minute Helicopter Flight + 1-Introductory Dive Introductory Diving 1 $497.00 - $497.00
Day Cruise + 10-Minute Helicopter Flight + 1-Helmet Dive Helmet Diving 1 $497.00 - $497.00
Day Cruise Fly Out - Helicopter / Cruise Back Boat Snorkeling - $499.00 - $499.00
Day Cruise Fly Out - Helicopter / Cruise Back Boat + Helmet Dive Helmet Diving 1 $628.00 - $628.00
Day Cruise Fly Out Helicopter/ Fly Back Helicopter Snorkeling - $898.00 - $898.00
Day Cruise Boat Out/ Fly Back Helicopter + 1-Introductory Dive Introductory Diving 1 $628.00 - $628.00
Day Cruise Boat Out/ Fly Back Helicopter Helmet Diving - $499.00 - $499.00

Please Note: To try any form of Scuba Diving you must be medically fit with no asthma and not be taking any prescription medication. Also, PADI recommends you must allow 24 hours after diving before flying in an airplane.

Inclusions: 5 Hours at ‘Marine World’ on the Outer Great Barrier Reef, Free Coral Viewing Vessel Tours, Great Barrier Reef presentation onboard, All snorkelling equipment with instructions, Underwater Observatory, Complimentary Tea/Coffee on boarding, Full Morning and Afternoon Tea, Hot/Cold Tropical Seafood Smorgasbord Lunch.

Extras: HELMET DIVING – $125.00 per person for 1st Dive then $70.00 each for 2nd Dive.

Prices are shown in Australian dollars and include GST. Prices subject to change without notice.

Check-in for the Reef Magic Cruises and Marine World Great Barrier Reef day tour commences at 8am, in the Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal. From there, it’s a short walk to the spacious catamaran, which is moored just outside at the Marlin Marina. Boarding is from 8.30am with complimentary tea and coffee served on arrival. Departure from Cairns is at 9am. A range of briefings are provided during the 90-minute transit to the Marine World reef pontoon, including information on the inclusions and optional extras and a marine biologist presentation on the Great Barrier Reef. You arrive at Marine World at 10.30am and have five (5) hours to swim, snorkel dive and complete all / any of the activities that you like.

The hot / cold buffet lunch is served on the Marine World pontoon from 12.15-1.30pm. Glass bottom boat and semi-submersible tours run throughout the day with an activity board providing the departure times for these (updated daily). At 3pm Reef Magic Cruises personnel ask everyone to board the catamaran in time for the 3.30pm departure from the reef, which sees you back into Cairns around 5pm.

Reef Magic Cruises offers certified and introductory (no experience necessary) scuba dives from their Marine World pontoon and on the adjacent reef. You can book one (1) or two (2) dives, allowing you to tailor your day to suit your itinerary.

INTRODUCTORY DIVES: A great opportunity to try scuba diving for the first time. Water entry is via steps under the pontoon into the ocean, with the coral reef just a few metres away. All equipment and training is provided and all introductory dives are guided. Introductory dives generally last 20-25 minutes and go no deeper than 8m.

CERTIFIED DIVING: All certified diving on Reef Magic Cruises is guided and you can choose to take one (1) or two (2) scuba dives. Pending the conditions, diving will be either from the pontoon (with lowered stairs entry into the water) or tender transfer to nearby reef. Certified dives will reach a maximum depth of 18m and will last around 40 minutes. All equipment is included: you will be required to show you dive license and preferably your log book, as well as completing dive medical paperwork on board.

This trip is suitable for snorkelers of all experience levels. Water access is from a lowered platform, which allows you to take on and off your fins in the water. The reef gardens are literally just metres from the pontoon and snorkel platform and offer a diverse variety of colourful corals and marine life. A highlight will definitely be seeing ‘Wally’ a large blue Napolean (Maori) Wrasse. You might also see turtles, rays and a variety of other fish. All equipment (mask, fins and snorkel) is included in the ticket price, including flotation devices if required. Lycra / wet suits are available for hire onboard ($6 each) and are recommended for sun protection.

FAMILY REEF TRIP REVIEW – REEF MAGIC CRUISES - Reviewed by Julie on the Monday 12th of December 2016

Family Reef Trip Review

Family reef trip review from Cairns, with Reef Magic Cruises. This is an awesome day out with the kids. There’s lots of inclusions and activities and plenty of things to keep the whole family happy. Highlights will include meeting ‘Wally’ (the big blue fish) and being amazed at the colourful, coral gardens.... read full review

CAIRNS HELMET DIVING REVIEW: REEF MAGIC CRUISES - Reviewed by Julie on the Tuesday 7th of May 2013

Helmet diving is a great option for non-divers and swimmers to be able to spend time under the sea, getting up close and personal with the fish. Is it better than an introductory scuba dive? There’s no right or wrong answer here. To do an introductory scuba dive, you do need to know how to swim, as you will be swimming around the reef, albeit accompanied by a scuba instructor. Helmet divers walk on an underwater pathway underneath the pontoon. Both experiences are very different. For more information on this, please visit the Cairns Helmet Diving page on our site... read full review

TAKING A BABY TO THE REEF – REEF MAGIC TRIP REVIEW - Reviewed by Julie on the Tuesday 16th of April 2013

The passengers on board today’s Reef Magic trip were aged between 5-months and 72 years old. Everyone had a great time! Which just goes to show the versatility of the Reef Magic Great Barrier Reef day tour. Some people stayed dry and saw the reef through the glass-bottom boat, semi-submersible and underwater observatory, others got wet and went snorkelling, scuba diving and helmet diving. The catamaran was comfortable, the staff friendly and all in all, this is a great way for baby to visit the Great Barrier Reef... read full review

REEF MAGIC CRUISES – MARINE WORLD REVIEW - Reviewed by Julie on the Monday 9th of April 2012

Marine World Pontoon

This is a great pontoon day tour with lots of inclusions and activities. It’s perfect for families, older reef visitors, snorkelers of all experience levels and certified divers who also like to add some snorkelling and other activities into their day. With a maximum of 200 guests and around 25 crew, customer service was excellent and the facilities had plenty of room for everyone to have a good day. The superior ride of the Reef Magic boat made for a comfortable transfer to and from the reef. All in all, an informative day, exploring all levels of the Great Barrier Reef, from above and below... read full review

REEF MAGIC CRUISES – JANUARY REVIEW - Reviewed by Julie on the Sunday 16th of January 2011

Wally giant Maori Wrasse - Reef Magic Cruises, Moore Reef

Reef Magic Cruises and the Marine World pontoon offer guests an action packed day exploring the Great Barrier Reef with a variety of activities available. The sheltered coral gardens offer excellent snorkeling, with vibrant colours and diverse marine life. Wally the Maori Wrasse is definitely a highlight of everyone’s day! This trip is excellent for families with younger children, older visitors and people wanting to do more than swim, snorkel and dive... read full review

Absolutely amazing, best snorkelling day. - Heidi kirwood

Thanks to Anna from cairns dive adventures for recommending reef magic, mum had never been on a boat before and had a fantastic enjoyable day.we will definitely be back. The marine life was so beautiful. ... travelled on 01/11/2013

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