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Aqua Quest Dive Port Douglas

Full Day | Operates: Daily | Departs: 8.30am | Transfers available: Yes, extra

Aqua Quest, the newest dive/snorkel boat operating from Port Douglas, Australia. Owned and operated by Deep Sea Divers Den, Aqua Quest is a modern, high-speed, twin hull vessel designed by divers for divers. It is the only day boat in Port Douglas to offer Nitrox diving.

Aqua Quest operate reef permits on the Agincourt Reefs, St Crispin Reef, and Opal Reefs. A fantastic passenger to crew ratio, Aqua Quest is one of only a handful of dive operators that allow un-guided scuba diving.  This means you can buddy up and explore the reef in your own buddy pairs, great for underwater photographers. You can still get a dive guide if you require, guided dives are also included in the price and can be organized on the boat.

Aqua Quest is also a great day trip for snorkelers, spending 4 hours on the outer reef systems. The day includes all snorkel equipment like snorkel, fins, mask, life jackets, wet suits, lycra suits, hot fresh water showers, change rooms and toilets. Snorkelers can also enjoy a free guided snorkel tour on the day. Free prescription masks are also available on board the boat.

Lunch is a hot and cold tropical buffet with a selection of seafood (prawns) cold salads, desserts, tea, and coffee. Vegetarian, Gluten Free options are also available on request. Please make a note on the booking form.

Check in at the Aqua Quest desk is at 8:00 am inside the Reef Marina in Port Douglas. The boat departs at 8:30 am and returns to Port Douglas at 4:30 pm. There is free car parking at the Reef Marina all day.

Visiting two outer reef locations in the one day, Aqua Quest offers a relaxed day tour to the outer reef systems without the rush of trying to visit 3 outer reef sites in the one day.

NITROX DIVING: Aqua Quest is the only day boat in Port Douglas to offer Nitrox diving. If you are Nitrox Certified add Nitrox fills for only $10.00 per tank fill.

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Rate Option # Dives Price Taxes Total Deposit
Snorkelling (Adult) Snorkeling - $245.00 $6.50 $251.50 $61.25
Snorkelling (Child) Snorkeling - $185.00 $6.50 $191.50 $46.25
Snorkelling (Family) Snorkeling - $774.00 $26.00 $800.00 $193.50
Snorkel + Cert Diving (1 Dive) Certified Diving 1 $290.00 $6.50 $296.50 $72.50
Snorkel + Cert Diving (2 Dives) Certified Diving 2 $315.00 $6.50 $321.50 $78.75
Snorkel + Cert Diving (3 Dives) Certified Diving 3 $335.00 $6.50 $341.50 $83.75
Snorkel + Introductory Diving (1 Dive) Introductory Diving 1 $305.00 $6.50 $311.50 $76.25
Snorkel + Introductory Diving (2 Dives) Introductory Diving 2 $355.00 $6.50 $361.50 $88.75
Snorkel + Introductory Diving (3 Dives) Introductory Diving 3 $385.00 $6.50 $391.50 $96.25

Inclusions: Tropical buffet lunch including seafood, morning & afternoon tea, guided snorkel tour, snorkel equipment (mask, fins, and snorkel), lycra suit, qualified lifeguard supervision, reef interpretation presentation. Local Port Douglas bus transfers are free of charge.

Additional Extras: Return coach transfers from Cairns, Northern Beaches & Silky Oaks $38 per person

Nitrox Fills: If you are Nitrox Certified add nitrox fills for $10 per tank. Just make a note in the booking form if you require this.

Family: A family is classed as 2 x Adults + 2 x Children. Child age is 4-14 years old.

Please Note: To try any form of Scuba Diving you must be medically fit with no asthma and not be taking any prescription medication. Also, PADI recommends you must allow 24 hours after diving before flying in an airplane.

Prices are shown in Australian dollars and include GST. Prices subject to change without notice.

Check-in for the Aqua Quest day tour is at the Aqua Quest office located in the Port Douglas’ Reef Marina from 8:00 am. From there it’s a short 5-minute walk to the boat, which is moored in the Port Douglas marina. Boarding commences at 8:15 am. Complimentary tea/coffee and biscuits are served on boarding. You will have plenty of time to complete your safety and medical paperwork (to be completed by all divers and snorkelers).

Departure is at 8.30am from the Reef Marina and the trip to the reef is passed in comfort, as the crew provides all of the necessary dive, snorkel briefings and information. Aqua Quest visits 2 outer reef locations on the day, offering plenty of time to snorkel, relax, dive and eat lunch.

You arrive at the first reef location around 10:00/10:15 am. The skipper will choose the day’s reef sites based on that day’s weather conditions. Checking tides (incoming/outgoing), wind direction and speed. The skipper will pick the very best reefs sites from Agincourt Reef, St Crispin Reef, and Opal Reef. Aqua Quest returns to the Port Douglas Reef Marina at 4:30 pm.

Aqua Quest offers up to three (3) scuba dives per day: all dives are unguided, so this gives you the freedom to dive with your buddy and explore the reef in your own buddy pairs. You can also get a dive guide if you require one, it is also included. All dive equipment is included in the dive price, snorkel, fins, mask, wetsuit, BCD, Regs, Dive Computer and all safety gear. There is the option to try an introductory dive (no previous experience necessary) or if you have your dive license book certified scuba diving.

INTRODUCTORY DIVES: No experience necessary. This is a great opportunity for those who want to try scuba diving for the first time. All equipment and tuition is included, with training provided on the way to the outer reefs. These scuba dives are shallow and guided, giving non-divers the chance to experience the underwater world of The Great Barrier Reef.

CERTIFIED DIVING: You will be required to show you dive license and preferably your log book. All certified diving on Aqua Quest is unguided, great for giving you the freedom to dive by yourself in your own buddy pairs. (You can ask for a dive guide while out on the boat this is also included in the price.)  Certified divers can choose between 1, 2 and 3 dives, during your four hours at the Great Barrier Reef. Certified dives will last approximately 45-minutes each, with a maximum depth of 18m. Using the standard itinerary timings, the first dive is at 10.15am the second at 11.45am and the final dive at 1.45pm. All equipment is included in the certified diving price: dive medical paperwork will be completed on board.

NITROX DIVING: Aqua Quest also offers nitrox diving. For certified divers who already have a Nitrox dive certification, you can add nitrox tank fills for just $10.00 per tank. Make a note in the booking form if you require this.

Remember with either Introductory or Certified diving all divers must be medically fit with no asthma and not taking any prescription medication.

Snorkel on beautiful shallow coral gardens made up of hundreds of different species of soft and hard corals. Snorkelers can also enjoy a free guided snorkel tour from the on board marine biologist. A great way to learn about the many different species of coral and marine animals. All snorkel equipment is provided like snorkel, fins, mask, wetsuit, lycra suit, life jacket and pool noodles. A life guard is on duty at all times.

Aqua Quest travels to the outer reefs, which are an open water location. Whilst conditions are perfect for snorkeling, and the water is somewhat protected by the reef itself, we do recommend that you should be a confident swimmer and comfortable in the ocean. Snorkel equipment and site briefings are provided on board the boat and all of your equipment is included in the tour price.

Entry in and out of the water is by semi-submerged swim platform that lowers down into the water from the back of the boat. This makes it very easy to get in and out of the water for both snorkelers and scuba divers.

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